Spiritual Gifts Survey

A Wordpress Plugin


To download the Spiritual Gifts Survey, visit the plugin’s WordPress page.

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  1. Hi Dave,
    I just finished translating Your plugin into german language and would like to transfer the files to You. I think, You should first test it if You agree with it. Besides there’s a mistake in the gifts-email.php, a brake in the layout which I couldn’t find (I’m no web developer, just a layman).
    Additional I added the following text right at the beginning:
    “A note should also be allowed:
    This Spiritual Gifts Survey is supposed to be a help! No more and no less. It does not replace the personal reflection in prayer before God. And conversations with brothers and sisters are often helpful in some cases perhaps even more useful than such a test. Nevertheless, this test its value and if you want to make him: God bless it!”
    So, if You are interested, please contact me and I’ll send You the files. You can get a first impression at the mentioned website.
    Thanks for this plugin!

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