Spiritual Gifts Survey

A Wordpress Plugin

0.9.6 and 0.9.7


I made a couple quick edits today, version 0.9.6 and 0.9.7.  You can download the latest version of the plugin here.


This update fixes a sort issue where getting 100% on a category resulted in that category not being in the top three.  That was because the sorting method used was alphabetical.  Because I’m sorting a multidimensional array, I wasn’t sure how to do a numerical sort.  Now, instead of reading 100%, it reads 99%, which fixes the problem.  I’m sure there’s a more elegant way to do this, but it works, so I don’t think anyone will mind.


I realized I forgot to update the version number in one of the files, so this update makes sure the version number is consistent.


This was my first update in a year, it feels good!  I have a new Mac, and got a great subversion program (svnX), which makes updating the plugin much easier.  I’ve also been using the plugin quite a bit more personally, so hopefully the combination of those two factors will mean that I will make updates more frequently this year.  Over 1000 people downloaded this spiritual gifts test plugin last year, which is amazing to me since it is such a niche plugin, so I’m encouraged.  Let’s see what 2013 brings!

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