Spiritual Gifts Survey

A Wordpress Plugin

Version 0.9.5, Figuring Out Subversion


For those of you unfamiliar with WordPress plugin development, there is a program called Subversion that is used to manage all the different plugin versions.  I am brand new to WordPress plugin development, and I spent the better part of last night figuring out how to get a working copy of the plugin on Subversion (and consequently, WordPress.org).  When I first uploaded the plugin, I didn’t notice that the WordPress repository changed my plugin folder’s name from spiritual-gifts to spiritual-gifts-survey.  This broke some of the functionality of the plugin, and while fixing that, I managed to get two copies of the plugin’s php file on the server, which cause another issue, and couldn’t figure out how to delete the old one!

To manage Subversion, you have to log into your Terminal and hack out a bunch of code.  Didn’t know this when I was starting out!  So, to delete a file, you have to code svn delete filename.php.

After hacking at Subversion for awhile, I realized how it’ll make my life easier down the road, there will just be a bit of a learning curve up front.  Thanks for being patient!

Version 0.9.5 is now out, with the added ability to disable the S.H.A.P.E. portion of the survey.

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