Spiritual Gifts Survey

A Wordpress Plugin

Now Found at WordPress.org!!!


The Spiritual Gifts Survey plugin has been accepted into WordPress.org’s plugin repository!  What this means is you can now download the plugin directly from WordPress, and when updates are made, you’ll be notified directly through your dashboard, rather than having to check here periodically.


  1. Hi Dave, I installed the survey on my blog today. It seems to be working well so far. I thought it would be a useful tool for people wanting to do the survey to find out their gifts.

    One thing my wife noticed was that she scored 100% on one item, but it didn’t list in the top three section on the next bit down. Just thought I would let you know.

    Thanks for a really useful plugin.

    God Bless,

    • Hi, thanks for having a look at the plugin! I’ll have a look at the 100% issue, are you using version 0.9.5? I’m brand new to Subversion, which is how plugins are added to WordPress, and it took me the better part of yesterday evening to get an actual working copy of the plugin (there were some linking issues as WordPress gave my plugin a new folder name).

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